Thursday, February 16, 2006

the paulax challenge!

(BREAKING NEWS: According to the Rocky Mountain News Joe Hefley (R-CO05) will retire from Congress, creating another OPEN SEAT!)

so many people support the election of women and always nod their heads vehemently when supporting women candidates comes up -- but do you take action? do you look to see who needs help and make contributions? do you realize that most women candidates are very good regardless of what you hear and even if you don't care for them personally? do you really do your part?

one of the biggest challenges for a candidate is to get out of the primary, and that's where many women fall out of races, especially for OPEN SEATS -- too often because they couldn't raise enough money and couldn't get their party to support them either. all they get is lip service, which does not pay for mailings or palm cards. do you realize how hard it is to run for congress -- and then not to get the support you deserve?

one of the biggest challenge for a donor is to decide NOT to send money to political parties or PACs -- to decide for yourself who should get the money. the women running won't all win, but we will be stronger for their efforts. donors should give DIRECTLY to women's campaigns, which need the money more than those entities with overhead and not always transparent agendas. there are plenty of women who need your checks now, and too few open seats this cycle for us to hem-and-haw about this.

for a complete list of women running for OPEN SEATS, please click
HERE and access the websites of each. every person reading this can make a difference by making a gift or two tonite. and please tell'em that paulax sent you!


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