Monday, November 14, 2005

Letter to NYTimes RE NJ Senate Seat Appointment

To the Editor:

Your follow-up coverage of the NJ governor's race has been prodigious, including Doug Forrester's excuses for his second statewide loss and the role of ex-wives in election campaigns. Under the category of replacements for NJ Governor-elect Jon Corzine's US Senate seat, however, you have not addressed the possibility of a woman being appointed -- even though your neighboring NJ has NOT ONE WOMAN in either the US House or Congress. This means that 51.5 % of that state's population or about 4.4 million women have absolutely no voice in Congress!

On Friday, Senator Corzine told The Trenton News that he was indeed considering State Senator Nia Gill as his replacement -- not just Good Ol' Boys Acting Governor Richard Codey or five sitting congressmen as previously reported. Senator Corzine has called Senator Gill an "extraordinarily capable woman." Appointment of a woman like Senator Gill would be a huge step forward for both the women of New Jersey and equal representation. Let's applaud Senator Corzine for his out-of-the box thinking and urge him to move forward with appointing a woman for his U.S. Senate seat.

Paula Xanthopoulou


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