Wednesday, February 15, 2006

another congressional seat opens up!

tennessee rep bill jenkins (r-tn01) announced his retirement today, bringing the congressional retirement total to 22 (14 gopers and 8 dems). this is a heavily r seat, and so far one woman has been mentioned: appalachian regional commission co-chair anne pope.

note: "The combined 22 House retirements -- if it remained static -- would be the lowest number since the 1984 cycle. In 2004, 34 Members did not seek re-election while there were 35 retirements in 2002 and 30 in 2000. The highest number of retirements in recent cycles came in 1992 when 65 members opted not to seek re-election." (Washington Post 2-15-06)

complete OPEN SEAT list!


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