Monday, November 28, 2005

dccc actions in illinois race are shameful!

dccc chair rahm emanuel's attitude towards chris cegelis -- running for congressional open seat in il08 (henry hyde's district) -- is appalling. cegelis gave hyde a run for his money in 2004, the first such challenge in 30 years. she lost by only six points, in her first campaign in a republican district! hyde is now retiring -- but instead of nurturing cegelis's run for the now open seat, the dccc's message beginning last december is: you're not good enough because you didn't raise enough money. rahm has been trying to recruit someone else ever since, and been turned down once or twice.

now he'd like disabled iraqi war veteran tammy duckworth to run against anti-war cegelis pitting dem women who probably agree on most things against one another. duckworth had apparently no political aspirations and has been in walter reed hospital most of last year. how would duckworth (who does not currently live in the district) fare? lynn sweet of the chicago tribune reports: "While Duckworth is a political rookie with no campaign experience or political organization behind her, if she runs, she will be able to tap into a turnkey political operation engineered in large part by Emanuel. That operation consists of some of the state's highest-profile Democratic political professionals, including media consultant David Axelrod, direct mail marketeer Peter Giangreco and Jasculca, who said he met with her in Washington a few weeks ago to discuss the possibility of a campaign."

why couldn't cegelis be the recipient of that largess, are the dems so desperate to exploit the war (and duckworth) that they are willing to finance an expensive, woman-against-woman primary and than a general election campaign against a republican who might be for the war but never voted for it in congress?

when and where will the dccc unwillingness to take concrete steps to elect MORE women end, and when will women stop falling for it?


At 12:48 PM, Blogger wendy said...

As usual - it's all about the status quo and perpetuating the "white boy" network. The D Party is bent on providing assistance mostly to men - some of which have no experience ot track record.
It is appalling to think that women have volunteered their time and money to work in lockstep w/ the party - never thinking to run themselves or help women win.
Hey with just an ounce of help in the last congressional election we could have bounced out Katherine Harris - but no - Emily's list or the Dem party couldn't have been bothered with supporing her (that would have sent a strong message)and certainly the same could have been said for the misguided support of Bill McBride in the FL GOV primary instead of Janet Reno.
Let's face it - if we want women elected and change the face of governmnent we have to go out on our own. No more lip service. This is indeed a great disappointment, but not necessarily unexpected. We need a Women's Party.

Wendy Reiner


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