Thursday, September 15, 2011

Elizabeth Warren run shines light on disgraceful MA history of electing women!

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Elizabeth Warren's announcement to run for U.S. Senator from MA was big big political news yesterday. I try not to watch either MSNBC or Fox News more than necessary, but did catch Rachel Maddow putting the news in the proper political perspective; she reported that MA has sent 465 people to Congress over the years and only 4 have been women! Indeed, when Nikki Tsongas (D) was elected to Congress a few years ago, she was the first woman elected from MA in 25 years. At that point, all 10 seats had been held by Democrat men. So much for the Democratic Party's support for equality for women...If women want to support Warren, they should give directly to that campaign before dropping dollars into unreliable and fickle Dem Party coffers.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NY09 & NV02 Special Election Results

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Capping three weeks of natural disasters and remembering 9/11, GOP businessman (and creator of the Jerry Springer Show) Robert Turner yesterday defeated Democratic State Assemblyman David Weprin by 54-46% in a special election to replace the disgraced Democrat Anthony Weiner in New York's District 9. It was the first time a Republican has held the Queens/Brooklyn seat -- heavily-populated by Orthodox Jews and slated for extinction after redistricting -- in nearly a century. Candidates for this election were chosen by party leaders, as facilitated by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

And in Nevada, GOP State Chair Mark Amodei defeated Nevada State Treasurer Kate Marshall by 58-36% to replace former Rep. Dean Heller (R) in NV02. Heller had been appointed to the Senate last spring to replace disgraced Republican John Ensign. This was the first special election in Nevada since that state joined the Union in 1864. Marshall had been left by the Democratic Party and Harry Reid to fend for herself in the heretofore GOP district, and, consequently, Marshall lost even the Democratic-leaning parts of the district.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

If political rhetoric could kill, it could be 9/11 all over again..

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I thought my head might blow off listening to the pundits talk about President Obama's job speech Thursday night. Thank god the tennis match between Roger Federer and Jo-Willy Tsonga resumed after a rain delay.

There is something very wrong about how people speak about our president, whether they agree with him or not.

(Not to mention those senators and congressmen who did not show up in order to watch a football game or otherwise skip out - railing against efforts to create jobs, while failing to do their own!)

I don't xpect everyone to agree with me either. On the otherhand, civil discourse would be nice.

My recent entry "On not giving money to political parties, especially after Women's no-Equality Day!" (see below) was definitely meant to stir up conversation re political contributions to political parties that do nothing specific to elect MORE women to Congress. Instead part of an email received from a (obviously no longer) friend included this: "Unfortunately, there's no BRE to mail back to you, taped to a brick. So this message will have to suffice...

Taped to a brick? Did she really mean it? Does really care about the issues or Equal Representation?

Same can be said of those railing against our president before he even had a chance to leave the Capitol building. Do they really mean it? Do they really care about the issues or American people?

Or are we in many ways on the same road that Mohamed Atta and his co-conspirators came down 10 years ago today? Seriously.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Special Elections for Congress Update

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Special Election Candidate Lists/Results HERE ---

September 13, 2011

NY09 to replace Anthony Weiner -- Race Tighter Than Expected, Democrats Aim to Bolster Candidate for Weiner Seat (NYTimes)

NV02 to replace Dean Heller -- Nevada special election candidate Kate Marshall shorted by Democrats (Politico)

November 8, 2011 Primary/January 31, 2012 General

OR01 to replace David Wu -- Thirteen hopefuls scramble to fill David Wu's seat (


Race is on to fill Tammy Baldwin's WI02 "open seat" -- Two Democrats Jump in Race to Succeed Baldwin (WUWM)

House members most helped by redistricting (The Hill) -- One woman on the Top 20 List!

News from ElectWomenMagazine: Southeastern Institute for Women in Politics Launches Mission 2012 on Wednesday

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