Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bonamici wins OR Special Election, women boosted to 17% of Congress!

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Tonight, Oregon State Senator Suzanne Bonamici (D) defeated businessman Rob Cornilles (R) in a Special Election to replace disgraced Congressman David Wu (OR01). By doing so, Bonamici lifts women to 17% of Congress (74+17) -- and most likely into #70 in the world for electing women, tied with Venezuela. Bonamici also takes Oregon off the list of states with no women in Congress, leaving 19 states with serious work to do. She will now have to run in yet another primary on May 15th for the next term...There are 39 true OPEN SEATS to be contested in November, in cases where Representatives or Senators have either retired or are running for some other office. 12 additional seats will be contested in the 8 states which picked up districts due to the 2010 Census, while some seats were combined through redistricting in other states that lost districts for the same reason (and which prompted some of the resignations.) Redistricting is not complete; indeed districts are up in the air in FL and TX (where maps have been in the courts). There are five Congressional primaries coming up: 3/6 Ohio, 3/13 in Alabama, 3/20 in Illinois (IL12 OPEN), 4/3 DC & MD, 4/24 Pennsylvania (PA04 OPEN). Former Rep. Gabby Giffords' seat AZ08 (which will become AZ02) is now vacant, with a Special Election now set for April 17 (Primary)/June 12 (General)to fill the current term. To be continued...

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