Wednesday, December 28, 2011

EMILY's List Eye on Which Prize?

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Just have to wonder why EMILY's List is sounding off with a scorecard on Republican presidential candidates, which "compares many apples to oranges" and manages to rate Rick Perry the best of the bunch to boot few minutes before his conversion to harsher abortion remarks. Is it just a backhanded way to denigrate the only woman in that race -- Michelle Bachmann, who will NOT be the GOP nominee in any case! -- because they don't agree with her, or just a great way to raise money? Are some of its "members" closet Republicans, or is EMILY's List just doing the bidding of a Democratic Party that does nothing to elect MORE women? Don't we get enough of this negativity everyday via multiple media sources? Seems like a waste of resources, message and focus...

Thought EMILY's List was about electing Democrat women, not playing petty politics even when irrelevant and solidifying the nasty divide that has poisoned our electoral politics and paralyzed our government. You, on the otherhand, can focus on and contribute directly to the candidates of your choice -- especially those women running for "open seats" in Congress and who will not be annointed with party or E-List funds. Just re-electing sitting members is not good enough. Time to break the polarized grip on our pocketbooks and boost women out of second-class political status. In 2012, please keep YOUR eye on that prize!

Business As Usual: U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) is retiring, and Democrats are reaching out to a retread now living in New York to represent one of 20 states that has no women in Congress. Republican State Senator Deb Fischer is already in the race -- just sayin'...

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