Friday, September 15, 2006

FLA Lt. Governor picks not women!

Today Democrat nominee for Florida governor Jim Davis selected former state senator and 2002 gubernatorial candidate Daryl Jones as his running mate -- thus joining his opponent Republican Charlie Crist in shutting out women from the 2006 top tickets. This after Jeb Bush had appointed Toni Jennings to suceed Frank Brogan who resigned in 2003 to become president of FAU. Jennings chose not to run for governor; i'm not sure why and was disappointed, frankly.

In 2002, both Janet Reno and Lois Frankel ran for the Democrat nomination -- Reno lost in the primary by a mere 5,000 votes in an election marred by malfunctioning voting machines and a steady drumbeat of negativity aimed at defeating Reno...There were a number of capable, seasoned women available to run for lt. governor this year -- and who would have complemented any strategical/geographic campaign strategy.

Florida women are back to Square One -- will we do anything about it? Why wasn't a woman chosen? What does either candidate, SPECIFICALLY, have to offer women? Will these men be held accountable? Or will we all run off like lemmings to be handmaidens to men seeking political power while we sit in the back benches? Stay tuned!


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