Sunday, August 20, 2006

Letter to Editor of the Miami Herald (8-20-06)

"Candidates should pick woman as running mate"

Some of us will be waiting to see if either Democrat candidate for Florida Governor will show real leadership by selecting a woman running mate now or later. Gov. Jeb Bush appointed Toni Jennings lieutenant governor when Frank Brogan resigned and then indicated that he would support her if she ran for Governor. That was a pretty decent tip of the hat to more than half of our state's population.

Some months ago, I asked both Democrat candidates, Rod Smith and Jim Davis, if they were seriously considering women for No.2. Both of them said yes. Since then, however, I have heard nothing more except the occasional token mention of Kathy Fernandez Rundle. Meanwhile, the U.S. languishes at 67th in the world for electing women.

As a lifelong Democrat, I likely will vote for the Democrat nominee. But I will not lift a finger to do anything more unless he puts a woman on the ticket. It is imperative that women demand more from our political leaders instead of automatically working for their election with nothing to show for it in terms of more seats at the table. Lip service is no longer good enough. The status quo is unacceptable.

Paula Xanthopoulou,


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