Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nine (9) primaries yesterday --only three (3) women winners for OPEN SEATS!

On September 12th, there were nine (9) primaries, and only three (3) women advanced in their runs for OPEN SEATS: Gabriella Giffords (AZ08), Yvette Clark (NY11), and Martha Rainville (VTAL). The New York seat was won in a hotly contested 4-person race. NY City Council member Yvette Clark prevailed in her bid to win Shirley Chisholm's old seat -- while Chris owens, the son of the retiring incumbent Major owens, came in last even while boasting the support of Brooklyn NOW. Yes, what was wrong with that picture??? Fortunately plenty of women, including Liz Abzug (daughter of Bella), worked hard to return that seat to a woman -- especially since there are no black women in the NY Congressional delegation. Meanwhile, out of 31 OPEN SEATS, women are still standing in only 15 of of those races!


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