Sunday, April 30, 2006

who and what do charles shumer and emmanuel rahm really serve?

Letter to the Editors of The New York Times --

Thanks, I think, for “Democratic Hard Chargers Try to Return Party to Power” (4-30-06), which sent a shudder up my spine on several levels. Surely there are candidates out there who are either: 1) extremely angry because all the money and support is being funneled once-again to select candidates; 2) feverishly trying to “toe the line” as Senator Shumer put it; or 3) desperately trying make it on to the second Red-to-Blue list of favored candidates, no matter how many people around them are thrown by the wayside.

Of course, both Shumer and Congressman Rahm will be hailed as heroes if the Democrats win back the House or Senate – but still questions must be asked. Given the description of both men’s election activities and management styles, one must wonder what they have been doing for the people who elected them. Will newly-minted members of Congress really represent their constituents or forever be party leadership groupies? Are the usually rude and arrogant campaign operatives being foisted on districts that good or just part of the deal? Why are these campaign efforts structured for all-intents-and-purposes through the halls of Congress, anyway?

Some campaigns may be won in the short-term, but our democracy is not being served – and serious reform is needed not only on the money end.

Paula Xanthopoulou


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