Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Primaries today in Nebraska and West Virginia, and women did not apply!

Today's primaries in Nebraska and West Virginia feature one OPEN SEAT: NE03, vacated by the former football coach Tom Osborne (R) who is now running for governor. No woman is among nine (9) Republicans and two Democrats who are vying for the nomination. While I have not spared the rod discussing the failures of the Democratic Party regarding a plan for equal representation sooner rather than later, I need to say loud-and-clear to the Gopers, "What's up with no women running for Osborne's OPEN SEAT?" Surely there was qualified Cornhusker alumna in that CD to be found!

Indeed, there are no women whatsoever on the ballots for Congress in either state today -- where a total of six seats (3+3) are at ultimately stake. In November, Shelly Moore Caputo (WV02-R) will be defending her seat -- and in Nebraska, Maxine Moul (D), former lieutenant governor, will be challenging Jeff Fortenberry (01-R). If Maxine doesn't make it, Nebraska will remain on the Black List of 19 states that do not have a single woman in either the U.S. House or Senate. Shame on them!

(You can check the complete Black List HERE.)


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