Wednesday, December 07, 2005

women publicly silent re corzine appointment, men hold ALL the cards!

if i was a betting woman, i'd say the silence from women leaders and groups re supporting nia gill for corzine's u.s. senate seat comes from brainwashed fear that she can't raise enough money to get elected in 2006. women don't step up to challenge the democratic party and their $$$ obsession, and, worse yet, worry more about their powerless place in democrat politics than equal representation...

a posting on "inside edge" blog of, goes to show you how the the good ol'boyz hold all the cards when it comes to moving up to congress, or even getting a fair shot at a seat: "The appointment of Bob Menendez to the United States Senate would trigger a series of musical chairs in Hudson County. Albio Sires is the most likely candidate to replace Menendez in Congress, which would create two more vacancies: the 33rd district State Assembly seat, and Sires' post as Mayor of West New York. If Sal Vega moves up to Mayor and/or Assemblyman, that would mean additional vacancies on the Hudson County Board of Freeholders and on the West New York Board of Commissioners"(12/5).

there might still be a few hours left to lobby corzine to appoint state senator nia h. gill and make it the democratic party's business to keep her there.