Wednesday, February 23, 2005

ultimate OPEN SEAT news!

for the ultimate OPEN SEAT, a siena poll finds that 62% of the voters -- predictably 64% men vs. 60% women --  are ready for a woman president. 53% said it would be senator clinton and 43% gave the nod to secretary of state condoleezza rice, while 60% expected a woman on the 2008 democrat ticket vs. 18% looking for a gop woman nominee. for this and other OPEN SEAT info, see


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

another castor for OPEN SEAT?

the congressional seat being vacated by jim davis (d-11), is in the tampa area where kathy castor is a sitting hillsborough county commissioner (where once her mom and 2004 us senate candidate betty castor was first woman elected). k.castor becomes potential front-runner for this OPEN seat while a number of men are also lining up. will the florida democratic party stand up and talk about need to recruit, support and elect a woman to this OPEN SEAT???

Monday, February 14, 2005

IL06 -- another special?

rumors getting louder about 80-year-old henry hyde stepping down this spring to fill empty seat as ambassador to the vatican, which would signal a special congressional election -- don't you luv it? 2004 challenger christine cegelis (d) (who had 44% first time out!) is already raising $$$ for another shot for what would now be an OPEN SEAT. republican wannabees, including state senator carol pankau (r), are lining up...dccc chair rahm recently unveiled a new top staff line-up. hopefully accessible, collegial political acumen will replace arrogant, beltway-centric ineptitude right down the line...

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