Friday, November 05, 2004

so many questions ???

fl013 did indeed elect a canoodler to congress, no thanks to emily's list which did not support jan schneider vs. katherine harris -- not to mention many other women running for congress who could have used a boost rather than a pink slip.

now three days have gone by and no message from the ubiquitous emily's list leader ellen malcolm. last heard from, ms.malcolm was reporting from palm beach, florida: "Our Florida team has discovered that over 30,000 requested absentee ballots were not sent out to voters in Palm Beach. But EMILY's List is on top of it." say what???

did ms. malcolm stray from her mission by becoming the president of a.c.t. (america coming together, which raised and spent nearly $62 million dollars) and then dragging emily's list (aka "emily's team") into "Four things you can do to send Bush packing"? why didn't she just stick to electing women???

a "silver-lining" message from emily's list last evening presented a positive post-election picture, but did not a complete 2004 emily's list scorecard: 20 "recommended candidates" and 10 winners, 6 of them incumbents. how many women overall lost congressional races that might have been won with more help early, didn't "emily" stand for early money is like yeast???

24 state reports are padded with incumbents supported in past years, with no mention of the costly, previously touted "women vote" project to get women out to "elect democrats". thankfully, emily's list homepage has been scrubbed clean of dubya cartoons, greeting cards, etc. the "team emily" website, on the otherhand, tells us: "Florida Get-Out-The-Vote was a great success! Our amazing Florida GOTV volunteers are reporting back that they had a great time in Florida!

but according to the center for american women in politics, the gender gap narrowed from 10% to 7.7% in 2004. george bush got more votes from women this time, while senator kerry got fewer votes from women than al gore -- what on earth happened???

in 2004 our share of congressional seats goes from 13.8% to a whopping 14.8% (net 5 more women, 8 new members not all democrats). meanwhile, emily's list --the biggest of all PACS -- is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary with 100,000 contributing members!

what is wrong with this picture???