Friday, October 29, 2004

women are watching!

kerry's transition team head james johnson replied to our email: "We have made the recruitment of women for top leadership roles a central tenet of our efforts to assemble a new government." let's hope that a president kerry will at least closely match spanish prime minsiter zapatero's historic appointment of 50% women to his new cabinet -- and not just to the the "ghetto" posts of educations, housing etc. kerry will rush to get his defense, homeland security, etc people lined up, and we know that there are plenty of qualified women...btw, bill clinton holds the record for appointing women -- eleven during two terms, including albright and reno. (

Monday, October 25, 2004

same darn ol' story!

sscc chair senator john corzine was in sfla yesterday and asked to please help denise majette in georgia. he's a good guy and actually looked pained when he offered the predictable, "i can either help betty castor or denise majette." he said that he had been lambasted for the little (and i do mean little!) money given to majette -- and characterized as a "walter mitty" for such.

denise majette and other women/men are putting themselves on the line for progressive values and cannot be left hanging, otherwise who would want to run as a democrat in future elections? congresswoman majette is an awesome candidate -- and the deselection process is a failed strategy, flip-floppingly arrogant by way of polls and the prognostications of dem bureaucrats eager to be right. how many are hoping that majette loses so they won't be proven wrong?

the dccc is using katherine harris as an email fundraising poster child -- with no mention of harris' opponent, jan schneider, in fla 13 congressional race. that's because the party is not helping schneider (who came within 5pts in 2002) either! with a much-retooled campaign, name recognition, grasp of the issues, and the ghosts of 2000 on her side -- schneider is running a very close race again with no help from the dccc. will they be more embarrased if jan wins or if she loses by a hair???

(should also be noted that on oct 5th, emily's list made their annual election year foray into schneider's sarasota backyard to collect "majority council" money for other candidates NOT jan, and/or for their highly-visible and questionable campaign to defeat george bush. not only are they not helping schneider, but disparage her along the way! isn't emily supposed to helping women -- and more than 18 of them?)

Saturday, October 09, 2004

waiting for emily?

"With the issue of reproductive rights 'likely to play a defining role' in
the PA 08 race, there is "some grumbling" in Dem circles about the 'tepid
interest" that an influential abortion rights group has taken in the
'competitive" open-seat contest.'

"Atty Ginny Schrader (D) and Bucks Co. Commissioner Michael Fitzpatrick (R)
are squaring off in the late-breaking race to succeed Rep. Jim Greenwood
(R) -- an 'outspoken advocate' of abortion rights in Congress. Schrader
'supports' reproductive rights while Fitzpatrick 'opposes' abortion rights
in most cases.

But EMILY's List -- the organization that helps 'steer millions' to Dem
women candidates who support abortion rights -- is still mulling over
whether to endorse Schrader's bid.

"EMILY's List spokesperson, Romona Oliver: 'We are still sort of in the
process of doing the assessment on that campaign.
... It takes a little
bit of time but we are moving it forward. There's a lot of thought and
work that goes into making decisions about endorsements.'

"While two other 'prominent' nat'l abortion rights groups -- NARAL
Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood -- have already endorsed
Schrader, the backing of EMILY's List could 'provide a financial windfall'
for the Dem underdog, who is faced with having to buy TV ad time in the
'expensive' Philly market." (Whittington, Roll Call, 9/30).

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

the truth about cats & dogs!

welcome to the blog aimed at achieving gender balance in government, especially in congress where women occupy a disgraceful 14% of the seats -- making us 58th in the world for electing women to congress/parliament. what is wrong with this picture? is where you can get up to speed on all this -- and also get involved so we can get our fair share of seats at the table, not just more lip service and more work electing more white men.

we must elect many more progressive women who not only make great public servants, but fight for all the equality issues so central to women and their families. alas, electing them ain't all that easy here in the good old usa -- especially given the deselection strategies employed by political parties and the women who go right along with them.

click here to review the list of progressive women currently running for OPEN SEATS in congress -- and then "adopt a candidate". it's hugely important!