Monday, June 13, 2011

Amazing how Sarah Palin makes the media crazy!

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Amazing how one woman can make the media go crazy when she doesn't play by their rules and give them news on a silver platter -- especially since they didn't find what they wanted in the emails recently released. They wanted the village idiot, but instead got a fully, engaged sincere governor who had beat an incumbent to get in! I was watching Anderson (where is my next sensational story?) Cooper's face, when he got the first reports on the emails - his facial expression went from smug to perplexed. Poor boy.

Too bad Governor Palin got caught in the tsunami of our totally whacked out national politics. I don't agree with many of her ideas, but she is entitled to them and has achieved the prominence that make some men drool. You can call her a "celebrity" to dis her, but she probably doesn't care. Let give this anti-Palin thing a rest, unless we simply want to deflect attention from the sexual misconduct of male members of Congress...


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