Monday, November 10, 2014

It's 2014 and it happened again!!

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In 2014, 101 women (81+20) were elected to the 114th Congress so far (3 races TCTC), or 18.9 % overall -- a measly .4% increase! And as we speak there are still 13 states (26%/3 never have!) that do not send any women to either house of Congress...There were 47 OPEN seats in the House, and after the primaries there were only 18 women running for them in 15 of the districts (32%). Only one (1) woman beat an incumbent, while 10 women (6D, 4R) won OPEN seats. If women had been purposely positioned by either party with adequate financial backing in all 47 OPEN seat races and had won just half (24) instead of 10, there would be 95 women in the House or 22%!...What have our political parties done SPECIFICALLY to end the gross under-representation on women in Congress? Bottom line is that each cycle there is NO significant increase for women (3.8% since 2004/7 cycles), and the U.S is currently tied (with San Marino) for 85th in the world for electing women, or 100th if you count the ties. If you still do not understand why this keeps on happening or the importance of OPEN seats as a way to parity in Congress (and what other countries have done along these lines), please click HERE to access "SMOKE & MIRRORS: The Truth About the Political Status of U.S. Women" on Onward & upward!


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