Friday, October 20, 2006

Independents are in the driver's seat!

The number of Independents has doubled recently, up to an about 25 percent -- these people must be on to something. History has shown that not only do women not need political parties to get ahead, but the parties have not done their share to accelerate the election of women...women have done their part, and should consider dumping party affiliation to focus on self-empowerment for real!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Where are your priorities as a voting woman?

Political parties are clamoring to get women to vote, and to vote for their candidates -- anything else will be characterized as letting the the others take over Congress, so far and so on...Is the priority of women to Change or Stay the Course, or is it to empower ourselves for the long-run??? Women can do both by picking out the womens' races that need our help, according to the party we belong to. We have been burned way too many times by abandoning women to elect more white men for whatever reason, so in a year with so many women nominees (138--one less than 2004) we must make many MORE women winners. Otherwise, even Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House cannot make things happen for women when there are only 70 or so women members -- in Congress every vote does count! Please check out the Top Congressional races featuring women HERE, OPEN SEAT races HERE, and races involving women in the 19 "Taxation without representation states." Yes, indeed, there are a total of nineteen states that currntly do not send even one women to either house of the U.S. Congress -- and there are great chances to change that in AZ, HI, KS, NE, NJ, OK, and VT. You can either sit on the sidelines, or make a difference!

Friday, October 06, 2006

DNC tells it like it is!

"We're excited to have a large number of women on the ballot across the country," said Amaya Smith, deputy press secretary of the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C. "If we do take back the House or Senate, it will be on the backs of our women candidates."

Probably in more ways than one -- but the key question is what will women get in return???

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Why should Jim Davis & Charlie Crist care about empowering Florida women?

Republican nominee for Florida governor Charlie Crist -- alleged civil rights good guy -- has apparently gone on record as thinking the ERA unnecessary. Say it ain't so, Charlie!

Meanwhile, his Democrat opponent Jim Davis -- a co-sponsor of the ERA in Congress -- has had a meeting with Planned Parenthood types to talk about a woman's right to choose. Reportedly, Davis was sincerely interested and supportive. But he can't think that's all women care about, can he? What about actually getting the ERA passed, an equal amount of women appointees to top positions, and some structural plan to address a whole host of women's issues to make Florida something better than 44th in the nation for a good place for women?

And what about women pushing him on that platform? Or are we all just hoping that he or Charlie Crist will do the right things once elected? Anyone with one iota of business experience knows that negotiations are done before you sign on the dotted line. Or in this case, you ask for what you need BEFORE you write those checks to elect another guy governor. Right about now they don't think they owe us anything, and expect that we will and should be grateful for any crumbs they throw our way when elected!

When are we going to stop waiting for Godot -- only to end up with nothing? Only then will we get what we are entiteld to as 51% of the population. Time for some fresh political strategies for the empowerment of women. Going along to get along has just plain failed!