Thursday, January 26, 2006

il06 symbolizes everything wrong with dccc and women candidates!

it bears repeating right up until the 3/21 primqry, that the ("we can't take sides in primaries") dccc is backing tammy duckworth -- an iraqi vet who does not live in the district they helped launch just weeks ago -- and using its muscle to torpedo christine cegelis, who has been hard at work organizing the district dems for a long time. the chicago sun-times ran a very revealing column on this painfully pathetic situation a few days ago.

yesterday that paper followed up with: "When the invitation went out, Tuesday's fund-raiser for Democratic House candidate Tammy Duckworth was to be held in the office of a Washington lobbying firm. On Monday, the location was switched -- after I mentioned where it was going to be in a column that ran that morning. Sunlight, the saying goes, is a strong disinfectant." (lynn sweet, 1-25-06)

when are we going to take back congress from special interests, including political parties who use women rather than actually working for equal representation?

Friday, January 13, 2006

il primary looms on 3/21!

the democratic primary in illinois is barely 9 weeks away -- it will basically be a contest between two capable women, one (christine cegelis) who has been working for 3 years to organize a cd controlled by henry hyde for over 30 years and the other (tammy duckworth) brought in by the dccc about 15 minutes ago. thus money and energies will be depleted because emmanuel rahm and the d party want seats so bad that they don't care who they knock out or why -- and better to have congressperson in their pocekt. the afl-cio has deserted cegelis (their 2004 endorsee) due to pressure from dick durbin, and the "we don't take sides in primaries" dccc has put all their might behind duckworth. all we need is for emily's list -- who would not back cegelis in 2004 -- to come out for duckworth in their born-again efforts to give congressional candidates money early, especially for empty seats. yes, a woman will be the d nominee for this seat. but this a race to watch closely because it's about how the will of the people just doesn't matter anymore. stay tuned!