Friday, March 11, 2005

opportunities open up for md women!

u.s. senator paul sarbanes (d-md) announced just this afternoon that he will not be running for re-election -- causing 5 sitting congressmen to consider the race. md has 8 seats in congress, all held by men (7 democrats). this is a great chance for dems to show they can recruit and support women for OPEN SEATS!...meanwhile, congressman patrick kennedy (d-ri01) -- of the women don't count political dynasty -- has been pushing lg dennis fogarty to replace james langevin (d-ri02) should the latter run for the u.s. senate. and in nj where there is speculation about replacing u.s. senator corzine should he run for governor, the potential candidates on short lists for any one of the 7 congressional seats that might open up includes all of 8 women. come on boyz, put your OPEN SEATS where your mouths are!

(courtesy of -- where you can find the details about "every OPEN SEAT a woman's seat!" and seats currently open..)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

doris matsui takes

doris matsui overwhlemingly won the race for ca05 OPEN SEAT to succeed her husband, the late bob matsui -- with 72% of the vote in a very crowded field. congresswoman matsui took a familiar path for women to congress, but the impressive piece was the support she received from the dem power-brokers. while some may be critical of the inside track thing, let's hope that the newly-minted but very well-qualified in her own right congresswoman has the skill to keep the clout close to elect more women. the depressing part was how emily's list rushed in to latch on and take credit. they sure know how to pick winners -- and they sure needed matsui much more than matsui needed them...

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